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Movie Plot.

Tamil super hit movie of 2010 Singam remade in Kannada language as Kempegowda ,  Sudeep, Raagini and Ravishankar.P are in lead. Sudeep himself Directing , Shankaregowda Producing , Arjun Scoring Music , Yograj Bhat written  Songs , and also Crazy Star V.Ravichandran Directing one song for the movie Kempegowda . Sudeep took care of the movie to do technically good as much as possible. The movie story goes as like Saangliyana and other Police story films but it has stuff in words and characters . In the Story One police officer does his duty sincerer in his hometown , it affects one bad businessman.  He transfers that police officer to  his town to take a revenge . In that situation Police Officer decided to give resignation to his post but his girlfriend boost him and after no one can stop him to do his duty . In the climax every bad persons (social evils) kills by that Police Officer , he is Called as Kempegowda in the Movie . One thing is to notice is that there is no relation between the Movie Kempegowda and Real Person Kempegowda . Movie is set to be release in the month of February 2011.

Movie Cast.
  • Sudeep
  • Raagini
  • Ravishankar.P
  • Ashok Kheny
Movie Crew.
  • DIRECTOR —————— Sudeep
  • PRODUCER-—————- Shankaregowda
  • ORIGINAL MOVIE———- Singam (tamil)
  • LYRICS-——————— Yograj Bhat and others
  • MUSIC-——————— Arjun
  • AUDIO RELEASE DATE—- January 21/ 24 th 2011
  • MOVIE RELEASE DATE—- February 2011
  • LANGUAGE—————– Kannada
  • COUNTRY—————— India
Movie Highlights.
  • Sudeep Direction and Acting in a tough character in which he looks good . Best Co-Actress of Suddep Raagini doing heroin role .
  • Saikumar’s brother Ravishankar.P appears in a negative  role.
  • Crazy Star Ravichandran directing one song for this movie.
  • More than 400 dancers are appearing in one song that too New Kannada Actors and Actress are doing dance in that movie.
  • Climax scene shot by canon 5 D still camera .
  • Songs shot in various good locations in South Africa.
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