Movie Pics.
Movie plot .

Challenging star Daharshan is coming out with new get up in Viraat Kannada movie. Dharshan is doing a serious businessman character and he has the enough scope to fight and dance, romance. Three female lead roles will be there with Dharshan and  the new comers to Kannada film industry Bangalore model Chaitra , Mumbai Ishitha Vyas, Delhi-based model Isha Chawla are doing these roles. The movie has 30 crore rupees budget and get start in the 2012, movie is planning shoot in a beautiful locations  and it will be a technically good in Kannada film industry. The movie is directing by H.Vasu and producing by Rathna Kumar and music scoring by present top music director in Kannada film industry V.Harikrishna. The Viraat movie will get start after completion of the Sangolli Rayanna and Chingari movies. Then Dharsha fans has to wait till the end of 2012 to watch Viraat cinema in theaters at there cities.

Movie Cast.



Ishitha Vyas.

Isha Chawla

Movie Crew.
 Story writer  H. Vasu, M.S. Ramesh
 Screenplay writer  H. Vasu, M.S. Ramesh
 Director  H. Vasu
 Producer  Rathna Kumar
 Music Director  V. HariKrishna
 Cinematographer  K Krishna Kumar
 Editor  Prakash
 Locations  Bangalore, Mysore and Sakleshpur and abroad for Two Songs
 Language  Kannada
 Budget  30 Crore Rupees
 Release Date  End of 2012
 Darshan Video.